Cookoo SmartWatch Is Analog, Digital, and Cute!

In a unique take on the smartwatch, this watch through AT&T by Cookoo combines the analog movement we all know and love with a connected digital display for constant connection via Bluetooth 4.0 to Smart Ready devices including iOS. Also surprising is that it does not need to be regularly charged due to its self-replaceable standard button-cell battery that will last up to one year. Integrate the watch on your phone with the Cookoo App and you can pick and choose specifically which notifications you wish to recieve from your phone. Maybe you care more about calls, and less about Facebook posts, just program it. It will notify you with a beep or a buzz.

Your watch can tell you when your phone is out of proximity from your watch, maybe helpful for not leaving the house without it accidentally. Or you can use it to find where your phone is and make it beep. you can snap pictures remotely on your phone, yay for group pictures you get to be in! One- button Facebook check in and location tagging are also part of the different things you can do. It is made with scratch resistant mineral glass and is water resistant up to 5ATM. Available in a variety of colors in limited edition. Or just black and white at AT&T for $129.99.

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