CordCruncher Offers Tangle Free Sound Friendship Bracelet Style

CordCruncher is a no frills solution to an age old problem- tangled and knotted headphone cords that take forever to unwind. To combat this issue, CordCruncher encases a pair of headphone within an elasticated cord, which retract into a friendship style elasticated bracelet when not in use . The cord is made of latex and is designed to be sweatproof and withstand abuse at the bottom of your bag.

The CordCruncher phones won’t win any awards for design or audio clarity, but that’s not what they’re made for- they’re designed to be a pair of durable headphones for an accident prone crowd. Teenagers, students and kids will find the audio clarity passable, and the ease of use is a big selling point.

It’s simple to get the headphones out of the cord- you just pull the end of the cord where the earbuds are and the headphones extend with a satisfying snap, and it’s pretty hard to get them tangled on the way to your ears. To encase the headphones once more, you grab the casing by both ends and pull till the cords are encased once more. When the CordCruncher is compacted it’s 16 inches in length and when it’s extended the cord can reach up to 3.5 feet.

It’s a smart solution, and its no wonder that CordCruncher started life as a Kickstarter venture making triple their target amount. I’d like to see this type of headphone tangle free technology available to use on headphones I already own, but CordCruncher says that due to the multiple styles of headphones currently on the market, think differing cord diameters,  etc…that they can’t offer this.

Available in three colorways, you can get the CordCruncher in Glo Orange, Matte Black and Pearl Blue, it’s suitable for boys and girls, and though we like using it as a bracelet, wearing it that way is optional.

$24.99 a pair from CordCruncher

*Note: The lime green edition is a CES special colorway.

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