Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Tablet Keeps IT Happy

Dell Latitude 10 Essential Configuration is the first full featured enterprise ready Windows 8 tablet, making it a great option for small business or schools. It is positioned to transition easily into existing IT workplaces and even improve IT efficiency. It won’t require any new software licensing, new mobile device management, and it supports new and legacy Windows applications. Adobe Flash works great on it and it connects existing peripherals. Multiple user set ups also make it an inexpensive option for workplace sharing.

Magnesium alloy frames the tablet and is covered with soft touch paint so you cna get a good grip and count on durability. Corning Gorilla Glass keeps the touch screen responsive and after your bananas. Graphics display is vivid. Productivity dock is available for creating an office desktop top like environment, with a traditional keyboard, mouse and more. The tablet is powered by Intel’s Atom system and can run Windows 8 Snap Mide.  64GB configuration is available now starting at $579 and the 32GB is to come soon. See Dell for more info.

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