EtchaSketch Grows Up Into an eWriter- the Boogie Board Sync

Remember that good ol’ EtchaSketch you had as a kid? The one you never had to plug in, and could drop over and over, but still work reliably? Well, Improv Electronics took that idea to new heights with the Boogie Board Sync. It is an ecofriendly, paperless replacement for memo pads, sketch books, note books, scratch pads, and other writing and drawing papers. This uses the Reflex No Power tech so you can scribble away, where those images stored on an SD card, that can be transferred to another electronic source such as your computer or tablet. Why use this if you have a tablet you may be asking? Well it is less battery consuming by far, and its really a replacement for a pad of paper. Made of shatter proof plastic, it can withstand some environments that perhaps you wouldn’t want a tablet treading. See ImprovElectronics for more.


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