Flower Power Chargers from Osungo Love Energy Efficiency

Osungo makes war, not love on standby power usage, in style with these decorative and energy efficient chargers. The floral petal top acts both as an attractive cover and an easy way to wind up cords and prevent tangle. Standby mode power consumption sits at less than 5mV for 1A voltage with only 10mV for 2.1A voltage output. The benchmark they measure this against is a whopping 95% electric energy savings when compared to the European standard level 5, making it arguably the best competition in the market today.

French Industrialist, Xavier Houvy is the design mastermind behind Flower Power at Osungo. How better to represent ones efforts in green tech than with something as fundamentally and universally green as a flower. These chargers are especially for portable devices like tablets, mobile phones, cameras, and such. The options available are as follows: The four-petal, which is an 1A output voltage for mobile phones and small portable devices. The eight-petal, 2.1A output voltage for mobile phones, small portable devices, and tablet devices. Both wall chargers come in six colors, Green, Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, and Purple. Also available are the Mushroom wall chargers in three colors, Green, Grey, and Blue.  And the 2.1v Car Mushroom charger in Green, Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, and Purple, for mobile phones and tablet devices.

Available through Osungo.