Ford F-Series Celebrates 65th Anniversary Trucking Power

The past and present are coming together this week for Ford trucks. Just as Ford Motors is announcing their brand new, massive hulk of a concept truck (appropriately named Atlas), the company is celebrating the 65th anniversary of an automotive staple – the Ford F-Series.

Instead of leaning on discounts and promotions, Ford is celebrating in a bit of an unusual way – by letting people everywhere take a real trip back in time. Ford’s showing off all of the original press materials, photos, and fact sheets from the original 1948 release of the F-Series. It’ll take you back to a kinder, gentler era of press releases, when buzzwords weren’t shoved down your throat and the manufacturer generally just told you what their product was and what it did. Also, they were done on typewriters, so you know that was a real long time ago. If that doesn’t date the trucks for you, “first post-war models” definitely will.

Of course, those old models shrink before the mammoth Atlas that Ford just announced at the North American International Auto Show. Aside from just being big, the Atlas features EcoBoost technology designed to increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions. It’s a whole lot more useful, to boot – it even comes stocked with 110-volt outlets. Mechanisms in the grill and wheels can shift dynamically to increase aerodynamics, too, which should also improve fuel efficiency. Built-in cargo ramps and a 360-degree camera make it a dream truck that will hopefully become reality sometime soon.

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