Game Boy and Tetris Tees Fall Into Place on Your Chest

You can wear your love for the games of yesteryear on your sleeve with a pair of new tees that just went up for sale on Firebox. The shirts, from French fashion company BePriv, have that kind of new-age fashion thing going on where the print covers the entire shirt. The color scheme on the Tetris one strikes me as a little wonky, but hey, they got all the tetromino shapes right, so you have to appreciate that. Also, that shirt makes me realize that multiple tetrominoes falling at once would make for a devastating hard mode for Tetris. The Game Boy shirt manages to press all the right buttons, it seems.

The pricing is a little rough on these two – $45 is asking a lot for a T-shirt. Still, if you’re a big fan of Tetris or the old Nintendo Game Boy, it might be worth the price of admission. You can pre-order both shirts now and/or sign up to receive an email when they become available.


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