Ghost Bee Headphones Double as Bluetooth Speakers

BeeWi, an electronics company out of France, is aiming to release a true Renaissance man of the headphones world – a set that will be useful no matter how you’re listening to your music.

The Ghost Bee Headphones feature three modes – wireless, wired, and docking station. The plain, boxy design doesn’t get any points for style, but that’s not really what BeeWi is going for, anyway. It’s all about versatility – you can use the headphones as a traditional wired pair, or wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection. There’s also a docking station to charge the headphones. While in the docking station, you can route music through the headphones to any speakers you might have at home. When you take the headphones off the dock, you can “switch automagically between the speakers and Ghost Bee,” which is great, but 10 points from Gryffindor for having the reprehensible gall to use “automagically.”

There’s also a touch panel on one of the ear pieces, which we would imagine is for controlling volume. The Ghost Bee Headphones will be working their magic at CES in a few days, but we already know about pricing and availability – $180, sometime during Q1 of 2013.

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