Intel and 10×10 Inspire with Girl Rising Premiere at Sundance

Yesterday at the Sundance Film Festival, Intel got together with 10×10 to release the official trailer for Girl Rising, a documentary about nine girls from different parts of the world who are fighting for themselves and girls everywhere to get access to the education and opportunities they deserve. The film is going to see release on March 7, and it looks like it’s going to be mandatory viewing for anyone concerned about the role of women in the 21st century.

10×10 is an organization dedicated to opening up access to education for girls around the world – particularly in places where females are still alarmingly undervalued, like the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America. In many of those areas, education is closed off to girls in large part or completely. It’s a problem compounded by neglect, exploitation, and outright hostility – girls in these regions of the world (and in our own part, albeit to a much lesser extent) are faced with the threats of sex slavery, unequal access to health care due to male preference, and societies rife with traditions at odds with the advancement of girls and women. Needless to say, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With Girl Rising, 10×10 is trying to make more of that iceberg visible. Director Richard E. Robbins worked with nine storytellers, one from each of the native countries of the girls featured, to weave together what looks to be a powerful statement about the lengths some girls have to go to get what is given to their male counterparts freely. The film will be distributed by CNN films, and will be shown in a few major U.S. cities. 10×10 is hoping that’s just the start – they’re encouraging as many people as possible, and student groups in particular, to host screenings of Girl Rising to maximize the film’s audience.

Addressing women’s rights in certain areas of the world can seem like a Sisyphean task, especially given how ingrained some misogynistic traditions are. And, it’s easy to deride “raising awareness” as tantamount to nothing. But, one thing is for sure – if no one ever talks about these issues, we can be assured nothing will ever get done. If you’re interested in hosting a screening for Girl Rising in March or April, check this website for more information. 10×10 is also looking to expand its audience by using Gathr. Gathr is a new service where those living in smaller cities across the globe can preorder tickets to the film. If enough people in a city reserve tickets to cover the cost of bringing the movie to a local theater, those pre-orders will be processed, and the film will be sent to the designated theater.

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