House Of Marley Keeps the Buffalo Soldier on Beat

House of Marley makes products that are earth friendly in that they are sustainable, renewable, and recyclable.In the CES announcements this year, they touted a whole slew of new audio products, ranging from headphones to stereo systems. Of interest are the Riddim On-Ear Headphones, Roots Rocks Portable Bluetooth Audio System, Chant Bluetooth Audio System, and Bag of Riddim Portable Audio System.

Riddim On-Ear Headphones are available in January 2013 for $159.99, and are adorned in canvas with a soft leather headband and ear cushions. 40mm drivers, integrated microphone, and Apple three button controller, with carry bag, available in 4 different colors.

Chant Bluetooth Audio System, available this month for $99.99 is a hip portable audio speaker cleverly disguised in a rugged looking upcycled fabric carry bag, lined with a bamboo wood ring, and looks like water jug holder or the like. The built in rechargeable battery makes sure the music will keep pumping through the 2″ speaker with a passive radiator. True to its name, there is a built in microphone for all your chanting necessities and and answer/end call feature. The caribiner clip makes for easy clip on to a backpack.

Roots Rock Portable Bluetooth Audio system will be available this quarter for $199.99. Covertly blending in as a messenger bag, this portable audio system is easy to transport and looks phenomenally good doing it. Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth or 3.5mm input for easy connection. This also sports the Rewind fabric cover that folds and snaps into a stabilizing stand. Natural Bamboo sides and recycled plastic enclosure make for an outdoorsy look that is really nice. Perfect for group excursions.

Finally, the Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Audio system is available this month for $399.99. The crowned jewel of the bunch, this offers high quality audio in the form of A2DP/APTX/AAC, 4.5′ high-output woofers, 1″ high-def tweeters, and a booming amplifier that will take the bass deep. It comes with a universal power adapter, front mounted 3.5mm auxiliary input and a front USB port for charging what need be. Carry bag styles come as additional accessories and are really very attractive in upcycled fabric.

Also of note is that a portion of House of Marley proceedings go to 1Love.org, a cause that focuses on charities of youth, planet, and peace. For more info, see House of Marley.