HP ENVY 27 is a Sexy IPS Monitor with Beats Audio

HP is extending their ENVY brand to monitors this year at CES, introducing the HP ENVY 27 IPS Monitor.

The name more or less says it all – it’s a 27” IPS monitor. It’s very thin, at 14 mm thick (that’s at it’s thinnest, which I suppose is the only number you’d expect a tech company to offer). It’s also edge-to-edge glass, which should give it a nice, luxury look and feel – necessary to live up the ENVY name. Same goes for the aluminum base. The viewing angle on the ENVY 27 will be 178 degrees side-to-side.

The audio will be provided by Beats Audio, and I’m sure by now you probably have an idea of what that means – if you like your bass heavy, go nuts on this one. There’s also a headphone jack, subwoofer, and digital audio output, if any of those things swing which way your money goes.

The HP ENVY 27 IPS Monitor will go on sale February 3, along with a $500 asking price.

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