HP Pocket Playlist is Like a Home DVR, but Smaller

At least, that’s what HP is passing it off as. What is the Pocket Playlist? Basically, it’s an external hard drive that does a little extra.

You can store music, movies, and television shows on the device (16 movies, 7,600 songs, or 10,000 photos). HP hasn’t told us specifically how much storage space is on this thing, but those numbers seem to indicate it’s somewhere around 16 GB at least, probably 32 GB at most. Not exactly awe-inspiring, but the cool part is that the device can stream unencrypted media content to up to five other devices, without using a Wi-Fi connection or a data connection. All you need is the device itself, which is pretty handy, especially because the Pocket Playlist is so small and lightweight (they don’t call it “pocket” for nothing).

With the purchase of the HP Pocket Playlist, you’ll also get a one-month subscription to PlayLater, which actually does act like a DVR for online videos – the PlayLater app works with 50 different websites, allowing you to download videos from those sites for offline viewing.

The HP Pocket Playlist will be on display at CES this week, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it February 15, for the price of $130.

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