id America Cushi Plus for iPhone 5 Review

If you ask me, this is the way to go for iPhone 5 protection and personalization. Two words: Cushi Plus. It’s a package of your favorite color Cushi Band Bumper, your favorite artistic cushiony 3D back skin, matching partial cushions for the front, and a front screen protector. It’s all-around protection in an outstandingly light, sleek, affordable, and customizable fashion.

We reviewed id America’s Cushi iPhone 5 bumper months ago, and while it pretty much looks just as good, it feels like its been improved. It provides a perfect fit for iPhone that doesn’t slip. There’s a front and back bezel that adds a couple millimeters of padded protection for iPhone’s faces. There’s button overlays, appropriate cutouts, and a transparent center that lets iPhone show off its sides.

We said it last time and we’ll say it again: id America’s Cushi Band Bumper looks nicer and feels better than Apple’s official iPhone 4/4S bumper.

The Cushi Plus package comes with a Cushi skin, which id America also sells separately. There’s a number of these cushiony skins with realistic or abstract artistic designs. We absolutely love the lineup that makes the back of iPhone look like a real camera. It even has a 3D design that gives the camera a much more realistic appearance.

The Cushi 3D Padded Skins can be applied and reapplied, which is a relief because its not always easy to apply it perfectly the first time…plus you may feel like switching off day-by-day or week-by-week. These Cushi Skins don’t just include a back sticker, but also front stickers for the top, bottom, and home button on iPhone’s face. I personally don’t use the front stickers, but they add protection and still look pretty nice.

With all the Cushi Band and 3D Padded Skin options, your iPhone personalization can be limitless. It was a smart move to package both products together because neither alone offered enough protection. With the screen protector, the Cushi Plus offers all-around 360 degree protection in possibly one of the lightest solutions out there. It looks and feels amazing, what more could you ask for? The Cushi Plus for iPhone 5 is currently available in lots of colors and design options for the affordable price of $24.95. Stock may be running low at the moment and they’re not yet listed on Amazon.

The Good: Very personalizable, Amazing designs, Full protection, Light, Comfortable, Affordable
The Bad: Buttons a bit stiff, Won’t fit in most docks

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