Your iPhone 5 Will Suffer From Multiple-Personality Disorder with this Case

Is your iPhone 5 a landline? Is it a Fisher-Price toy? Who knows?

You could say it’s a clever anti-theft device, though – not too many thieves are going to give an apparent kids’ toy a second look. It’ll be their loss – this Toy Telephone iPhone 5 case does a pretty good job of disguising the iPhone 5, unless you key in on the telltale camera lens hole. It won’t even be bad news bears if the kids get ahold of it – the case is made of soft silicone suited to protecting your iPhone 5 from drops and impacts. The case comes in the seven colors above, and is selling now from iWOWcase for a tidy $12.12. Fortunately, it doesn’t come with that awful sound a landline makes when you leave it off the hook.


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