Holy iPhone Cross Stand is Beyond Sacrilegious

I know we say some people worship Apple, but this is ridiculous.

For those who really want to put their iPhone on a pedestal, there’s the iPhone Stand Cross. Funny enough, the cross is actually an ingenious shape for an iPhone stand, offering an efficient means of combining a portrait and landscape stand all in once accessory. You can even carry it around on a keychain! Convenience of a truly blessed sort.

You can grab what will almost certainly be the most literal addition to your Apple shrine by heading over to Present Time. They haven’t gotten around to the whole online shopping thing, though, so you’ll have to shop by using their electronic catalog. The landscape part of the iPhone Stand Cross is 5” long, so it will be long enough to hold the iPhone 5. And, like a lot of general stuff using the iPhone name, it looks like you can probably use a bunch of other smartphones with it, too. The sacrilege!

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