iPhone Viewfinder, For Those That Miss Using a Real Camera

Photography’s obviously not what it used to be. It’s a lot easier now, you don’t need rolls of fragile film, and you don’t need to squint through a tiny box to see what you’re shooting. But hey, maybe you liked that tiny box. Maybe it made you feel more like a photographer.

Well, now you can feel like a photographer and still stick with your iPhone as your primary camera. The iPhone Viewfinder, from Photojojo, attaches to the display of your iPhone using a suction cup. It’s best used with the companion Daylight Viewfinder app, which shifts anything in your lens’ field of vision to the left side of the display, where it can be seen in its entirety through the viewfinder. A few simple camera controls are then put on the right side of the display. Then, look through the viewfinder like you have a real camera in your hands. You can even use your imagination and pretend you’re holding an analog!

The iPhone Viewfinder and accompanying app work only with iOS devices, including the iPad. The app is free, while the iPhone Viewfinder is selling for $30 on Photojojo.


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