Kavaj Dallas Case for iPhone 5 Review

Since when did full protection look so good?! This is the first iPhone 5 case with a built-in cover we’ve actually been excited about. The Kavaj Dallas is a super sleek authentic leather case that looks great, feels great, and has outstanding usability.

The Kavaj Dallas case is much like an iPad portfolio case. iPhone slides into a holster from the inside and is securely locked into a frame. The cover has a magnetic seal. Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t support iPad’s magnetic auto-lock feature. The exterior of the case is made of a high-quality stitched authentic leather, while the interior is covered in a soft and protective microfiber-like flannel.

With the Dallas case open, all ports and buttons are fully accessible. When it’s closed the volume buttons and toggle switch are covered, however the volume buttons can still be accessed from pressing the outside of the case. On the back of the case is two convenient card pockets great for ID, credit cards, or business cards.

I’ve personally never been a fan of the built-in cover cases, but the Dallas Case is the exception. It makes me feel sophisticated! I love how sleek it is. I also really love how the front cover opens along the side, rather than the top. It’s really easy to fold the cover all the way behind the case and use it as you would any other iPhone 5 case. Also, how can you argue with full 360 degree protection? At $34.90, the Kavaj Dallas Case is a great purchase. The case is beautiful and it looks like it would be much more expensive. It’s currently available in black leather or cognac (brown) leather.

The Good: Complete Protection, Great Fit, Magnetic Cover, Sleek Body, Authentic High-Quality leather, Available in black or brown, Built-in Card Holder, Good Button Overlays, Good price
The Bad: Opening for charging port is a bit too small

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