Koubachi, Interactive Plant Sensor Lets Your Plants Talk to You

Koubachi is a black thumb’s dream come true, for it can turn you into a green thumb. This sensor plugs into the ground by your plant and can give you feedback via App service that is stored in the cloud for as long as you like for free. Your plant can essentially talk to you telling you about it’s soil moisture, temperature, and light intensity. One sensor can register multiple plant conditions. Moisture sensors can tell you when to water your plants and even recommend how much, alerting one to over watering. Temperature Monitor keeps tabs on the ambient temperature and can give you advice and alerts on when to change environments for your plants, like to cover before a frost, or provide some shade.

Finally, Light intensity sensors let you know if you have your plants in the right locale, sun-wise. The Wi-Fi Indoor Sensor is splash proof, where the Outdoor one is rainproof and take the beating of the sun and other weather conditions. The Outdoor model is €100.00 and Indoor about €75.00 at Koubachi.

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