LaCie Blade Runner Starck Craft Limited Edition Hard Drive

It has nothing to do with the movie (new or original), but it sure does look cool. I’m sure the name doesn’t hurt when it comes to marketing, either.

The LaCie Blade Runner Starck Craft Limited Edition Hard Drive is an aluminum USB 3.0 hard drive, with a kind of a radiator look going on on the outside. There’s a reason for that – the “blades” are placed to maximize cooling. Part of the reason for that is that the blades encompass the entire drive, so air can flow around all sides of the drive itself. And, just to make sure you know that this is the work of designer Philippe Starck, there’s an LED power button in the shape of Starck’s personal logo.

There’s an awful lot of storage packed onto this drive, too – 4 TB, to be exact. You’ll also get 10 GB of Wuala secure cloud storage along with your purchase. The Blade Runner, thanks to the Starck name, is being marketed as a luxury item, and that means it bears a luxury price – $320, although you could argue that’s not a terrible price for 4 TB worth of storage and USB 3.0 support. You’ll be able to purchase the Blade Runner in specialty stores and on LaCie’s online store. It is a limited edition item, and only 9,999 units will be produced.

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