LEGO My iPhone 5 – Please!

Do you want to brick your new iPhone 5? Of course you do.

The BrickCase 5 actually fits with LEGO bricks, so if you’re into building and have some spare bricks laying around, you’ve got a new surface to build on. That’s great, because the iPhone 5 is pretty much the perfect size for LEGO vehicles. Hopefully you have some extra wheels and axle pieces laying around, because the case absolutely screams for the creation of truly mobile phones. Better yet, you can grab one of those robotics sets and build a LEGO car iPhone 5 that you can drive around, and have come to you once you get a call or a notification or something. The future is a wonderful place.

There are six different colors available – blue, red, yellow, black, white, and gray. The BrickCase 5 is selling for about $25 from SmallWorks.

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