Logitech Harmony Touch is the Remote Control That Does it All [Review]

For years we have seen countless attempts at the ultimate universal remote control, but we always have ended up going back to using several remotes. The Logitech Harmony Touch however looks like it could finally be a remote to replace all the remotes on your coffee table.

The Logitech Harmony Touch offers the best of both worlds, it offers a traditional, but sleek remote control form-factor, that is complimented by a touchscreen display. This is definitely Logitech’s nicest-looking remote to date. The color touchscreen interface is used to access settings, the number pad, and also to scroll through customizable channel icons. Meanwhile the remote’ buttons are even backlit, so that they can easily be used in a dark room.

When it comes to charging the remote, the Harmony Touch doesn’t require any tedious batteries. Instead it can get charged via a standard microUSB charger. Logitech also includes a convenient charging cradle which you can use for charging the remote in the living room.

In order to get all of your home theater devices working with the remote, you’ll have to first connect the Harmony Touch to a Mac or PC and log on to myharmony.com. From there you’ll be prompted to download some software. Once you have completed the initial setup process, the actual process of adding devices is quite easy. We were impressed to discover that the remote is compatible with just about everything in our home theater set-up. That includes our Samsung Smart TV, our Samsung DVR from Time Warner, and even our WD TV Live Hub! The remote can even work as a remote for the Playstation 3 with an additional adapter.

In addition, you can use MyHarmony.com to customize the remote with up to 50 customizable icons. Who remembers what channel Bravo is on anymore? We don’t. And thanks to these icons which are a kin to icon shortcuts, you will no longer have too, nor will you have to scroll through a channel list t find your favorite networks.

While the MyHarmony.com software is pretty easy to use, we did run into some issues with it and our home theater set up. In particular, we had some difficulties setting up the “Watch TV activity” with our home theater set up. And when we tried to customize the activity, we ran in to some obstacles – as we could not customize the settings as much as we needed too to get the Watch TV activity to work with our set up.

It’s also worth noting that the Harmony Touch also works with the Logitech TV Cam HD to accept and place calls.


We love the design of the Logitech Harmony Touch. Not only does it look sleek, but it’s form-factor combined with its touchscreen display offers a perfect balance in a remote control. We also appreciate that it doesn’t require any batteries, and that it works with just about every device in our home theater set up. We also love the convenience of having the channel icons right on the touchscreen. Unfortunately, we find the MyHarmony.com software to be a bit cumbersome and a bit buggy, but we’re hoping that Logitech will continue to improve it. Putting that last gripe aside, we really like the Harmony Touch and think that it could finally be the single remote to replace all the remotes in your living room. The Logitech Harmony Touch retails for $249, but it can be found for as low as $222 on Amazon.

The Good: You’ll never have to go scrambling for batteries again! Super sleek and ergonomic design with convenient touchscreen display. Easy device set-up. Customizable icons for channels are super neat. Supports most home theater system devices and it has support for up-to 15 devices at once!

The Bad: MyHarmony.com is a bit buggy and tedious to use. We had issues customizing activities.

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