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LUMOback Belt Wants You to Sit at Attention

We will be the first to admit that our back posture could be better (all that blogging) and so the LUMOback seems like an intriguing proposition. There are multiple gadgets on the market that offer pedometers, calorie counting and heart rate all in ones, but I like the fact that LUMOback is simplifying their offering.

What they provide is one solution for one problem, and they don’t try and tick every box. The LUMOback is a Bluetooth enabled black band that you wear around your waist and it syncs with the related App. When you slouch, a small sensor in the belt will vibrate and remind you to sit up straight.

The LUMOback band is smart enough to detect when you move from sitting to standing or walking and will track your progress in the app. It provides a nice display of the various activities you do during the day and is a good one glance reminder to help you be more active. The band fits snugly around the waist, and making sure it works effectively is all about correct positioning. It can be worn under or over a shirt, and they’re working on a version for women that will be more flattering- as the band would not work well with a dress.

The sensor is 8.5mm think, and it’s easy to attach. The belt part of it can be hand washed, and it’s designed to be worn as often as you want. The LUMOback has backing from the medical community and Dr. Rajan Perkash from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation is a supporter.

‘LUMOback is highly sensitive at measuring lower back spinal posture. In most cases, poor lower back posture such as slouching, leads to poor neck and upper back posture. By correcting lower back posture, LUMOback will help correct many cases of poor neck and upper back posture.’ he says.

This is a product that might help people who experience back pain, but we aren’t sure if it will be attractive at such a high price point (though they have mentioned they will lower it if they start manufacturing abroad) and it’s also not very female friendly.

One to watch we think… You can pick it for $149 at LUMOBack.