Game on with EA and Monster MVP Carbon Headphones

monster ea ces 2013 1

Monster has collaborated with game giant EA Sports to bring you not just headphones, but game accessory headphones for immersive gameplay. Apparently serious gamers from time to time, get a sort of headphone fatigue, after hours of playing. These are designed for long lasting comfort as well as superior immersive sound. AstoundSound Technology is utilized here. It is a proprietrary surround sound processing method that is said to deliver the most HD sound experience around.

The on-ear 30MM driver is designed for gaming and music and works in tandem with GameboxTM, which is a powerful new type of mixing amplifier and processor made just for Monster. The multi-platform mix amp works especially well with PCs, Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, WiiTM and Wii UTM.

The comfortable cushioned headband allows for a snug but comfy fit as well as a breathable material. They even fold up nicely for easy travel.

Available in February for $269.95 through Monster.