Marshall Monitor Headphones Provide Authentic Custom Sound

Marshall, the amp giant, is lending its sound know-how to headphones.We can trust they know what they are doing after decades in the hi-fi sound department, they are more trustworthy to make headphones than say, throw a dart random celebrity. The Monitor headphones sport a slender over-ear build to convey excellent noise isolation with massive heaped upon bulk. 40mm drivers spread out over all frequency range to provide punchy and dynamic sound with low distortion. The Monitor’s F.T.F. system you can even customize the type of sound you wish to experience, be it a warmer and softer sound or a bright and crisp. The point is, you are in charge. Every performance is supposed to sound as good as the real live thing, extending the highs, maintaining the natural, and keeping paces with the mid level.

An embossed Marshall white script logo adorns the outside with black vinyl leather and heavy duty metal hinges, and brass accents that make it clear you probably aren’t listening to Bieber in these. Good cover right? No one will know. The detachable double ended coil cord with mic and remote can be adjust to be worn on either side, accounting for the lefties. Also included is a canvas carrying pouch. They’ll be available at Marshall in April for $200.