MedFolio is a Wireless Pillbox with Text Message Alerts

Drug taking is often an inevitable part of life for the elderly and those with long term illnesses. It can be pretty confusing when you have pills to swallow at multiple times of the day, and MedFolio is designed to simplify this process. When you’re not well, correctly taking medication should be the last of your worries and they try and streamline it for you.

The MedFolio Electronic Pillbox offers people a way to take their medications, with times and days sectioned in their container. Not only can medication be tracked a week in advance, but each section features an LED light which glows when you need to take it, and will stop once the related segment has been removed. When you need to take something, the light will flash and it can also send audio alarms via email or text message. The box also allows you to place all medications in a list so they are easy to identify.

MedFolio have just announced an added component to their Electronic PillBox- a wireless version. They will still stick the original, but in 2013 a wireless MedFolio electronic pillbox will be available. What this offers is a chance for concerned family members to play a more active part in their parents care.

The box will sync information about the users medication journey to a secure server, so people can check whether or not their loved ones are actually adhering to their medication list. This is great for those who don’t live that close to their family and want to make sure they are healthy and also lets people monitor the memory capability of those they care about.

$248 for the current MedFolio, price for the new one is TBD.

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