Music Angel Friendz Play Nice With Each Other

Music Angel Friendz deliver on their name, bringing a whole new level of friendship to the world of speakers.

By themselves, each speaker is a fairly powerful single unit, with 2 x 3W output coming out of a pretty small frame. Even more impressive is the battery life, put at about 100 hours, with a charge time of only one to three hours. So, just as a portable speaker, it’s worth a look. It’s when more than one speaker is put together that the whole line really shines, though. You can create some impressive outdoor sound by daisy chaining several Music Angel Friendz together using a retractable audio cable provided with each unit. That’ll increase the volume of whatever you’re playing, which should be great for outdoor events, especially if you can rope your friends into buying a speaker each for themselves.

Music Angel Friendz are popping up in electronics retailers all over, and are available in nine different colors. If you’re interested and can’t find a place nearby that carriers these speakers, Music Angel encourages you to contact them for more information.

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