MyCharge Announces Lightning Connector Battery Packs

Last week at CES, myCharge announced an impressively large array of portable back-up battery power packs for mobile devices that they will be bringing to market this year. Their robust line-up features different sizes, battery sizes, and shapes – it looks like they’re taking the shotgun approach here.

Their myCharge Hub series is roughly external hard drive-shaped, and will be one of the less portable options. It’s more meant to be kept at the workplace, in case you somehow work at a place where it’s impossible to keep your phone charged otherwise. The Hub series lives up to its name, with three connectors – Lightning, Micro USB, and USB – allowing you to charge up to three devices at once. The Hub will come in 3,000 mAh, 6,000 mAh, and 9,000 mAh battery sizes. Those will cost $80, $100, and $130, respectively. The first two will be available in April, with the latter coming in July.

The Jolt series has a carabiner built into the top, meaning this is one designed to be clipped onto belts, backpacks, and the like. It’s more of a truly portable option than the hub, but still manages to pack in both Micro USB and Lightning connectors, so you can charge multiple devices at once. That will be a little dicier, since the available battery sizes are expectedly much smaller, but it looks like the Jolt should prove to be a handy back-up companion that will keep devices running for the entire work or school day. 1,000 mAh and 2,000 mAh battery sizes will be available, although the 1,000 mAh Jolt will not feature a Lightning connector – just one Micro USB port. The 2,000 mAh Jolt can be purchased with two Micro USB ports or one Micro USB and one Lightning. The Jolt 1,000 will be available in July for $40, while the Jolt 2,000 models will be available in April, for $60 and $65 (the latter for the Lightning-equipped model).

The Amp series is the smallest, featuring a wriststrap and USB ports – no Lightning on these, however. Despite the small size, the battery capacities are impressive, with 2,000 mAh, 4,000 mAh, and 6,000 mAh models available. The latter will have two USB ports, while the first two will only have one each. Those will all be available in May, for $30, $40, and $50, respectively. The AmpXT series is similar, but slightly larger and made dirt-proof, drop-proof, and splash-proof for outdoors use. The AmpXT models will be available in May, and will also feature wall prongs for faster charging, where possible. The AmpXT 3000 will sell for $60, and will have two USB ports. The 6000 model will sell for $80, and will feature three USB ports.

The myCharge Freedom Powercase is a one-piece smartphone case providing extra battery power. There are cases designed for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 line will feature 1500 and 2000 models for $80 and $100, respectively, and will be available in March. The Galaxy S3 case will come in a 2500 model, and will sell for $100. That one will come out in May. All cases will be available in several as-of-yet unannounced colors.

The Freedom powercases and the Hub and Jolt series will also come with interchangeable outer shells that can be swapped for other colors and combinations that will be sold separately.

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