Hide Your Post-it Collection Inside the MyKeyO Restt Keyboard

Have a hopelessly cluttered desk? Restt easy.

These Restt keyboards should be the solution you’re looking for. They can act as stands for tablets, smartphones, pens, and business cards, while opening up like an elementary school desk to reveal compartments for just about every office or tech supply you might have, plus a designated spindle for DVDs and CDs. We kind of scratched our heads at that last one, but we guess some people still use CD’s.

The headliner is an all-aluminum Bluetooth keyboard made to emulate Apple’s design aesthetic. That means it’s meant to fit the iPad like a glove, providing a wireless 107-key keyboard and storage space while making sure that everything on your desk keeps up appearances. Called the Executive Restt, the keyboard stand has spaces for business cards and four pens or styluses. It also comes with a 100-year warranty, in case you want to make sure you’re going to get something that’s going to outlive you.

There are also cheaper plastic and silicone models that will be available, and have all the bells and whistles that the Executive version has, minus the aluminum, the Apple look, and the 100-year warranty. These cheaper models will come in USB-only and Bluetooth versions. The model above is the 6-in-1 white keyboard with Organizer. It paired with our iPad pretty easily via Bluetooth once we pressed the pairing button on the underside. On the bottom of the keyboard is also a battery compartment that houses 2 “AAA” batteries. The keys were comfy to type on and also include a lot of shortcut keys making you an efficient typist too!

It is easy to lift the ‘lid’ on the keyboard and put a pen inside, or stuff in an extra battery into one of the storage sections. We did notice however, that you have to be selective with items you store in the Restt keyboard, as it is a bit shallow.  Bulkier items will create a problem when closing the keyboard lid. That said, overall, it is a unique concept that we see older adults especially enjoying – and of-course, neatniks.

The Executive Restt is selling for $150, while the cheaper plastic models are selling for $40 to $50 on the www.mykeyo.com.

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