DigitalInnovations Nest Earbud Case Review

Need a better way to pocket or store your earbuds? The Nest case, by Digital Innovations, is by far one of the easiest methods or wrapping up and retrieving your headphones, tangle-free. It also does a great job at keeping your fragile headphones safe and like-new.

The Nest is a puck-shaped price of silicon that’s soft, rubbery, and flexible. The inside of the nest is popped outward for wrapping your headphone cable around. You pop the fragile bits of your headphones into the center compartment for extra protection, that includes the earbuds, button, and plug.

When the Nest is in it’s closed state, the headphone plug can simply be grabbed and pulled out to retrieve your headphones tangle-free. Wrapping and storing headphones takes 10-30 seconds and retrieving them takes 2 seconds. The process is super simple and much more bearable then manually winding your headphones and sticking them in the case them may or may not have come with.

The unique design of nest keeps your in-ear headphones safe from your pocket and bag. The Nest Case can get squeezed, crushed, or twisted and it will keep your earbuds perfectly safe; they won’t get crushed, tangled, or pulled. The only thing you have to watch out for is liquid and crumbs. At $9.99 from DigitalInnovations.com it’s a very worthy investment. Right now the Nest Case is only available in translucent blue, but stay tuned for more. Don’t ruin a nice pair of earbuds just because you use them a lot!

The Good: Easy, Protective, Comfortable, Lightweight
The Bad: Doesn’t protect from liquid or crumbs

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