Get Ready to Sulk with the ON.EARZ James Dean Headphones

These headphones from European company ON.EARZ don’t constitute a rebellion by any stretch of the imagination, but they are invoking the image of the legendary rebel in an effort to – well, to sell headphones.

The ON.EARZ Listen With the Legends series is the company’s first foray into the United States market, and it looks like they got the basic idea right – decent audio, focus on the image. And focus they have, with headphones based on three icons with very specific images attached to them – James Dean, Elvis Presley, and AC/DC.

The headphones themselves look a little like Urbanears’ Plattan headphones, but with much nicer and more distinctive materials and beefier headbands. Each of the three headphones in the series features brushed aluminum on the brackets. The James Dean headphones have denim on the outside of the headband, with red jacket material on the underside, resembling what Dean wore in Rebel Without a Cause. The Elvis and AC/DC headphones are brown and black, respectively, with the AC/DC headphones sporting chrome studs on the headband.

The music will be coming out of 40 mm drivers. Each of the headphones will also feature an in-line microphone. The ON.EARZ Listen With the Legends headphones are promised to come to the United States “soon,” for about $100 each.





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