One Laptop Per Child, Introduces Three New Additions, For the Kids

In the midst of CES madness it is nice to see a booth like this, one focusing on the less fortunate, especially children. One Laptop per Child is a project to nring modern education to children through affordable computers. At CES they announced three new products to aid in that endeavor. The XO Learning System, which is an Android compatible software suite that revolves around children learning, and is now available for licensing to the big players in this endeavor. Tablets under this license will be called the XO tablet, which coincidentally, is the second announced product. Leading us to the third, a fourth generation of the iconic green and white laptop, that has a multi-touch screen via Neonode technology, and a keyboard.

Content on the device and software is carefully selected according to age and learning value. Instilled are parental controls, user IDs for up to three, and even a review page of progress on skills. So far only English and Spanish are available but that will change soon with future release. Digital Passport is a guide for children 3-5 to work them through navigation of their new tech world. Partners in learning include Sesame Street, MyCityWay and Little Pim and others.

First to license XO is Sakar International who will offer a 7″ tablet of its own design, with exclusive right to sell as “XO tablet.” The fourth generation of the XO called the XO 4.0 Touch featuring:Marvell ARMADA PXA2128 multicore application processor with hybrid-SMP technology running at 1 GHz, Marvell Avastar 88W8787 highly integrated SoC, and Neonode touch screen technology with multi-sensing capabilities. Dual mode screen allows kids to use it even in the sunlight, which is more than can be said for Apple tablets. Free educational software sugar is also included, with 300+ child based apps for learning. See OLPC for more.



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