Party Rock Robot Head

Do you shuffle? Every day? You may benefit from this news.

That oversized third-grade-Halloween-looking gold and red robot head from LMFAO’s Party Rock music video is now open to the public, encouraging positively dangerous levels of shuffling. Do you have the shuffling skills to back up such a bold fashion statement? Hard to say, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to get style points just for having the moxie to rock this thing out in public. Fortunately, there’s a brace and a strap inside the robot head, so you can go ahead and keep your identity a secret if you need to. At the very least, the head won’t fly off because of overly reckless shuffling, which is probably good news for everyone involved.

The Robot Head is on ThumbsUp right now, so with enough buzz, you can probably expect to see it pop up on a few novelty online retailers soon enough.

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