Philips Fidelio P8 Portable Speaker Makes Some Noise In All the Right Places

Taking portability in sound to a new places, Philips Fidelio P8 Portable Speaker allows you to stream wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device and to keep the party going with 8 hours of Li-on battery life. The high performance amplifier delivers all those luscious ups and downs, booms and and shrills, with a full range of woofer drivers and wOOx technology.

Clear crisp sound, and is coupled with a sleek easy to carry design. Another neat feature here is that it has a touch sensor, that allows you to check its “pulse” or battery life. A traveling pouch is included to protect it for all the fun places you two will go. This Lion of a battery also lets you put your smartphone on life support recharge with a built-in USB port. Universal Audio-in connectors make this a vastly useful speaker. $199.99 available in March through Philips.

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