Pizza Hut Celebrates 10 Million Facebook Fans with a 14ft “Like” Pizza Box Sculpture

A lot of people (or accounts, not sure if those are synonymous here) on Facebook liked Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut really liked that, so they built a big Like sculpture to show how much they like everyone liking them. It’s more liking than I can handle.

Pizza Hut recently became the first pizza chain to top 10 million likes on Facebook, which I guess is some sort of real-life achievement or something. The achievement trophy in this case is a massive tribute to Facebook itself – a 14” tall Facebook Like sculpture built out of pizza boxes, complete with boxes rotated correctly to get the colored outline right. It actually looks like it took a pretty fair amount of work – the more I look at it, the more I’m inclined to think that the sculpture itself is the real achievement here.

Not sure what Pizza Hut has planned for 20 million, but I’m guessing they’ll notch more than a few of the next 10 million likes after they deliver the goods on Super Bowl Sunday in a few days.

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