Take Your MacBook Around the World in 80 Days with the PlugBug World

We have a lot of gadgets. Sometimes, we run out of outlet space. Nobody likes being pushed into a Sophie’s choice over which gadget gets to live for the next day and which one doesn’t.

It’s more of a problem for travelers who aren’t keen on toting around surge protectors, and its solution is provided by PlugBug World – if you’re an Apple fan, that is. PlugBug World is an adapter that plugs into any wall outlet, anywhere – it comes with five different AC plugs that cover most of the world’s wildly different electrical outlets. You can plug your MacBook power adapter into the PlugBug World, then plug PlugBug into the wall outlet. Plugbug has a USB port on it, which allows for simultaneous charging of your MacBook and whatever USB device you choose, while only using one outlet. The 2.1 amp PlugBug World will also charge USB devices much faster than the factory chargers supplied with those devices.

This one is probably most useful for those in need of some juice while waiting around at the airport, where outlet space isn’t exactly abundant. If that sounds like you, and you have a MacBook, take note – you can get the PlugBug World now for $45 here, with free shipping to the United States.

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