Proximo by Kensington is Your Valuable’s Personal Bodygaurd

Proximo is an App-enabled device that monitors the whereabouts of your chosen valuables at any given time. In the Proximo kit is the App, the Fob, which attaches to your keys, and a Tag for attaching to an important object worth monitoring. More tags can be ordered seperately as well. It sets up a wireless connection between the iPhone (4s or 5) and key Fob or Tag using Bluetooth Smart Technology. While we weren’t given proximity specifics, it does seem like there would be some limitations in that aspect.

The App is always one and always tracking, up to 5 items at once. You can use the “Find Fob” button to activate the alarm and begin your search. It seems like it is a fancy way of playing “hot and cold” in proximity to your item. A useful feature for the more forgetful among us, myself being foremost, is “Keep.” The Fob can alert you when your iPhone is outside of the proximity that you set, thus preventing you from leaving a restaurant without it.

The starter kit comes in at $59.99. Battery life is 6 months, so good luck remembering that, hopefully there is an alert on the app. Hopefully you won’t lose anything but if you do, this will come in handy, and at least you could use it to store a Time Lord consciousness if nothing else. See Kensington for more.

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