Pure Offers Easy and Affordable Whole Home Audio

We instantly fell in love with audio company Pure over here at CES for ingeniously designing a system for easily converting any home into a fully synchronized, multi-zone, audio dream. Whole home audio has been around forever, but it’s never been this easy. Pure has a few different products for adding speakers, or converting speakers, into networked audio players. There’s an app so you can control the music in each and every room.

Pure calls it the Pure Jongo multi-room music system. There are three main wireless audio products and a smartphone app for controlling the whole home system. Firstly, they have the Jongo A140B, which is a wireless hi-fi adapter that will transform any regular speaker (or speakers) into networked speakers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The devices are colorful and attractive.

The other two products are both speakers. The first is the one that originally caught our eye, the Jongo S340B is a wireless speaker that’s also bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. The small speaker has four tweeters and an upward firing subwoofer with 360 degree sound. The cool thing about the S340B is you can use it as a networked speaker throughout the house, or you can pair to it one-on-one and bring it on the go. It’s small enough to take to the beach, patio, or a friends house. It has a rechargeable battery capable of lasting 10 hours per charge.

The final speaker is the big kahuna, a larger 100 watt stereo speaker capable of filling the room with a rich and detailed audio experience. The Jongo T640B has two five inch drivers and dual-concentric tweeters. Like all of the other Pure products, it’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. It’s large and wired, so it’s not technically a portable speaker. It can be mounted to the wall, or propped up on an optional stand.

While the Pure Jongo lineup is short, it’s definitely sweet. We’re looking forward to putting them to the test. The Jongo S340B Portable Speaker will be available in the next few months in black or white with different speaker grille colors. It will cost $229. The Pure Jongo T640B and the Jongo A140B will be available in the first half of 2013 and prices are undetermined. While $229 for the S340B prices may not sound cheap, for a full-home multi-speaker multi-room setup, it’s extremely affordable per speaker. Not to mention extremely easy. There’s no information on how many speakers can be added to the home, but the representative said it can be 30 or more.

For more information see Pure.com/us

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