Samsung Shows off First Curved OLED Display

Here at CES, Samsung is proudly showing off a number of gigantic OLED TVs, most notably a curved model. Yes, curved. It may not really sound like a desirable feature, but it’s see-it-to-believe it impressive. The curved display provides a bit of depth for a more life-like viewing experience and it’s also able to greatly reduce glare.

Not only was this big screen HDTV curved, but it’s OLED (organic light emitting diode), which is most definitely the future of televisions. OLED displays are able to offer the most vivid and lifelike image reproduction in a very power-friendly manner. They also have the potential to be designed unbelievably thin. The contrast is seriously amazing.

As you can see from the images, the display is just slightly curved, most noticeable from the side. If you’re looking straight-on, it’s not as easy to distinguish. Since it’s OLED, the picture was beyond beautiful and bright.

As we imagined, the Samsung Curved OLED is a conceptual design. It was real enough to look at and admire, but it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any on shelves this year. Samsung has not even released any information on screen size or resolution. Yet again, Samsung strikes as the ultimate CES tease! Of course, like all conceptual technology, it helps push the competition in the right direction. Hopefully over the next few years we’ll be seeing a lot more OLEDs with similarly innovative designs.

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