Samsung’s T9000 Fridge Terminates Humidity, Adds Space

Samsung’s T9000 may sound like Sarah Connor’s worst nightmare but actually it is quite a lovely family friendly fridge. It has 4 doors! The lower right quadrant can be used how you choose, as freezer or refrigerator. It would make a great kids-only easy to reach section, or even better, mom only ice cream section.  The fridge is quite spacious at 32 cu. ft capacity. Fresh foodies rejoice because this provides 25.5 cu ft of possible fresh food storage space. Optimal temperature and humidity is maintained via Samsung’s Triple Cooling system that ensures commercial grade humidity levels are attained and maintained in the fresh food compartments. Two compressors, three evaporators and a whole bunch of sensors work to keep that bunch of broccoli fresh as long as possible.

In addition to being flexible and stunningly beautiful, this refrigerator also performs.  To help ensure optimal temperature and humidity control, as well as performance in each of the fresh food zones, the T9000 has Samsung’s Triple Cooling system. This unique cooling technology ensures that commercial grade humidity levels are maintained in the fresh food compartments with the help of two compressors, three evaporators and an array of sensors to keep produce fresher longer. Also quite nifty on the tech front is the LCD display that can connect with Evernote, for maintaining grocery lists and what not. Fridge magnets just got a tech makeover. Also on display are the calendar and weather apps making for a very organized household based around our favorite appliance, the fridge. Available in late Spring for $3,999.

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