SOUL Party in a Box

Technology just keeps getting more and more convenient. We’ve been able to jam entire computers into cell phones. Our latest and greatest achievement? The Party in a Box.

The Party in a Box is SOUL’s first attempt at something other than headphones, and it is as advertised. It’s a portable box stuffed full of speakers. If your awesome playlists and the thumping bass don’t get the party started, at least those dancing LED lights are there to help shake things up. As for the speakers, you’ll find side firing dual 6.5” subwoofers, 3” midrange speakers, 1” tweeters, and front firing dual 1.5” midrange drivers. All that should make for clear, powerful music all night long.

The speakers can link up with mobile devices via Bluetooth, which is supported by the AptX codec for high quality streaming. You can also link up to eight of the units together to create a particularly overwhelming surround sound experience – the units themselves will communicate the music being played to each other. Your mobile device only needs to be linked up to one the speakers.

On the speaker system, there’s a USB port, an auxiliary port, and HDMI output, for use with any mobile devices you might have attached or docked to the Party in a Box. There is a dock for Apple devices, but SOUL hasn’t specified whether or not that’s a Lightning connector or a 30-pin connector.

You can get to partying now if you take a trip over to SOUL Electronics’ online store. There, you can buy your very own Party in a Box for about $1,000. Parties don’t come cheap, even when they do just come in boxes.