Straight Talk Brings No-Contract Plans to iPhone 4 and 5 Through Walmart

Straight Talk Wireless is the latest small telecom to bring an affordable no-contract plan to the iPhone, and this time, the iPhone 5 will be involved.

Straight Talk Wireless will be working exclusively with Walmart and Walmart.com to bring the plans and the phones to consumers. On January 11, their $45 unlimited talk, text, and data plan will become available for the Phone 4 and 5. Obviously, they won’t have the high 4G speeds you’ll get with the bigger telecoms, but if you’re like most who don’t really need those breakneck data speeds, this is a pretty sweet deal. Straight Talk and Walmart are also seeking to mitigate the effects of those brutal non-subsidized iPhone prices, by introducing a no-interest monthly payment plan. Those who purchase an iPhone 4 or 5 through Straight Talk and Walmart can pay $25 per month on their new phone, but those payments will have to be paid using a Walmart credit card.

The 16 GB iPhone 5 will be sold for $649, and will be available in black and white. The 8 GB iPhone 4 will be sold for $449, and will also be available in both black and white. On top of the unlimited talk, text, and data $45 monthly plan, there’s a $60 monthly plan that throws in unlimited international calling. Do keep in mind that if you’re planning on using data heavily with this plan, Straight Talk does reserve the right to limit or deactivate your account if you use (and keep using) what they consider to be an excessive amount of data, as per their terms of service, so take that unlimited claim with a grain of salt.

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