SwitchEasy Bonds Case for iPhone 5 Review

Oh SwitchEasy, you surely know the way to our hearts! Beautifully designed iPhone 5 cases, of course. Their Bonds case for iPhone 5 is a work of art hidden in a case. Bonds has an especially neat quilted-like (or cushion-like) appearance, with a unique design, quality protection, and some fun extras.

The SwitchEasy Bonds case is not quite a one piece case, but it’s not the two-piece iPhone case that we’ve come to know. Bonds can be used as a one-piece pop on case, but there’s a metal fence-like pattern that snaps on to the back of the case. While this piece is optional, it gives the case Bonds some serious flare. It adds an alternate color and finish to the case. The actual case is a rubbery TPU with a matte finish, the metal pattern adds some nice glossiness and extra grip.

As with the Tones case for iPhone 5, SwitchEasy’s Bonds case is extremely protective, even without all of the included screen protectors. The finish is tough and the case is shock-absorbing. SwitchEasy even includes plugs for the dock connector and headphone port so you can keep dust and grime out.

There’s button overlays for the lock and volume buttons. They’re easy enough to push and are a pleasure to use. The volume buttons have some snazzy ‘X’s as buttons, to switch things up for a change. On the bottom of the case there are separate cutouts for the ports and speaker holes for the speaker and mic. While we generally prefer one wide cutout on the bottom, this is a more protective solution.

You can always count on SwitchEasy to include great extras. They package Bonds with not one, but two front screen protectors and even one back protector. There’s also a microfiber wipe, an applicator for the screen protector, and headphone and lightning port protectors, two of each.

The SwitchEasy Bonds is a great case for making your iPhone 5 truly distinguished. While the design is especially unique and distinct, it’s not too flashy by any means. It comes in Grenade Green (shown), Furple Purple, Snow White, Shadow Black, or Bondage Black. The SwitchEasy Bonds Case for iPhone 5 is currently available with a retail price of $29.99, you really can’t go wrong. Depending on the color, you can find the SwitchEasy Bonds for as low as $21.87 on Amazon.com.

The Good: Great design, Colors, Contrast of materials, Protective, Includes screen protectors and extras, Durable, Good Button Overlays
The Bad: Won’t fit in most speaker and charging docks

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