T-Mobile Brings Unlimited 4G Data to All Non-Contract Customers

T-Mobile had big news this year at CES – they’re bringing 4G data to all of their customers, even those without contracts. As of today, T-Mobile customers who aren’t on contract will be able to sign up for the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plan for $70 per month, which will grant unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. That unlimited data is really unlimited, or so T-Mobile says – the telecom is promising no throttling and no arbitrary “we think you’re using too much data” hidden limits.

Strictly speaking, T-Mobile’s 4G network isn’t as fast as those of AT&T or Verizon (T-Mobile doesn’t have an LTE network), but for most, that’s splitting hairs, especially considering this Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plan should prove to be quite a bit cheaper than anything you can get through the bigger telecoms. T-Mobile does have plans to roll out their own LTE network, anyway, so with a little patience, you can save tons of money and get your lightning fast data speeds, too.

T-Mobile also introduced their 4G Connect initiative at CES. T-Mobile is looking to make 4G connectivity a standard on certain ultrabooks, notebooks, and tablets. By that, they mean they want 4G connectivity to be ready to go out of the box and, to a certain extent, free. T-Mobile will be offering 200 MB of data free for the devices included in the program. If customers want more (which they almost certainly will), they can purchase one of T-Mobile’s monthly data passes, which start at $10 per GB and can be bought progressively, as needed. 4G Connect, which will initially come with the HP Pavilion dm1 and the Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook, will be available on those devices regardless of whether or not they are purchased through T-Mobile. That free data will be from T-Mobile, though, and when you need more data, T-Mobile will be the first in line to offer it should you buy one of those devices, because you’ll need to register with the program before you can use that free data. The idea is that you’ll be able to get online with those devices right as you step out of the store, instead of having to wait for a Wi-Fi connection or get a contract or a data plan first.

On a final note, T-Mobile also announced that they will be bringing HD Voice to its network, in an effort to improve call quality, and are making modernization upgrades to their network in several major metropolitan areas across the United States.

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