Dalek Tumblers are Doctor Who’s Sippy Cup of Choice

If you’re ready to exterminate 16 ounces of Mountain Dew on the go, accept no substitutes.

Just don’t take these Doctor Who Dalek Tumblers into a 7-11 or anything, because there’s going to be a bunch of other tumblers in there, and the Daleks are probably going to get jealous. I think we all know where that road leads. That, and I’m not sure that 7-11 lets you use your own cups. I guess you’re going to have to clear that with them first, if you want to enable the Daleks in their pursuit of world beverage domination.

The lids screw on tightly, so they won’t spill your drink all over the place if you take a particularly harrowing trip in the Tardis. These Doctor Who Dalek Tumblers come in a set of five, in red, white, blue, orange, and yellow. The set is selling for about $50 now on Entertainment Earth.

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