The MetaWatch Sneaks a Peak at Your Smartphone Anytime You Like

For those of you that thought wristwatches were dead, this may just be the zap back to life they needed. Full integration with iPhone an Android, enabling one to control said devices from the MetaWatch. And these are the Watch Pros, former Fossil executives that breathed life into this popular idea. Bluetooth 4.0 and Smart Ready connectivity and 7 day battery life make this an attractive option for a wristwatch comeback. There are so many times in life that we find socially inappropriate to pull out a smart phone, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t driven crazy with curiosity at the mysterious buzzing locked away. With a watch on arm, one can discreetly do everything from check caller ID, texts, emails, calendar, FaceBook, Twitter, control music, link alarms, check weather and stocks, and more. While they are still updating some of these features, this has a lot of potential. Now instead of looking overtly rude at a boring dinner party on your smartphone, you can quietly fiddle on your watch to entertain your desperate soul in peace. They come in two series, the Strata, more of a tick banded brusk looking watch for $199 in Olympian Blue, Tangerine, Blue Camo, Optic Green and Stealth Black, and the Frame, a thinner model for $179 in white and black leather. Available on MetaWatch.