Tractive Keeps a Close Eye on Fido

Tractive is a SIM card tracking device that clips onto your dog’s collar so that you can stalk him when you aren’t home. If it leaves a preprogrammed assigned area, like your back yard, you know where he is by checking the App or website. Since the technology does run on cell towers, a small fee per month is required to cover it. The most recently guestimated fee was about $7.00, but there is not contract or activation fee. They claim that this is perfectly safe for your dog and know different than walking it with a cell phone in your pocket. So that’s good. This reminds us a lot of the Tagg tracker we reviewed not too long ago. They seem to be pretty on par with eachother. However, at first glance this does seem like it might be a little smaller than Tagg, which would be a huge advantage for small or finicky dogs. It also works just find on other animals. Available at Tractive in February.

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