Tummyband, Muffin Top Slayer for Women Everywhere

What is it about Jeans that just create muffin top so effortlessly?  Tummyband was developed by Jen Muroff, and her other Mom friends from her downtown NYC elementary school. They carefully crafted it based on feedback from their friends. Basically, they had the same complaints many of us do about shapewear. They wanted the right shape, with comfort, something you could stay in all day with out needing butter to peel yourself out of. Something that doesn’t migrate towards your knees as the sun does towards the horizon. Something that let’s you bend over like a human and not a mummy, or even, gasp, sit in it!

All these goals were attained with this undergarment, achieving the final end product of a smooth look and comfortable fit, while adding the bonus of improving core temperature, making you have to layer less, and even possibly ease back pain or cramps. As an example, they call on the Haramaki belly bands of Japan that are worn specifically for that purpose.
Available in white, pale pink, and black at SmartThingz. Kiss that muffin top good bye!!