TYLT Band and Y-Charge Car Charger Reviews

We have a newfound love for the brand Tylt. Why? Because they make cables (and cases and then some) that look awesome! Alas, a clean car can still look good with cables and adapters popping out of the cigarette lighter. Not only does it look good, but these cables really speak to our colorful and bright personalities.

We went hands on with the Tylt Band Charging Cable and the Tylt Y-Charge. Both products are very colorful and allow you to charge up to two USB devices very fast. Each product outputs power at 2.1Amps, the maximum charge speed today’s devices will accept. Your average computer USB port only outputs .5Amps; with the Tylt Y-Charge or Tylt Band, you can charge your iPad just as quickly as you can with the iPad wall charger.

The Tylt Band Car Charger has a unique flat ribbon cable that doesn’t tangle. It’s a two foot cable that can easily wind up for easy and attractive storage in the cupholder. The Band includes an open USB port by the base. This means you can charge an iPad or iOS device and any other device with your own USB cable. Currently, the Band Charger is only available with a 30-pin Apple charger or a Micro-USB charger, but it’s safe to assume we can expect one with a lightning cable in the near-future. Tylt even lists a lightning Band Wall Charger as soon-to-be-released.

The Tylt Y-Charge is a Y-shaped USB adapter for the car. It’s a simple, yet attractive, design. It’s available with a 2.1 or 4.2 amp output. Since the power is split up between two charging devices, with the 4.2 amp model you could charge two iPads at full speed. The Y-Charge weighs just one ounce and is covered in a soft silicon casing. The shape of the adapter is convenient if both the passenger and driver want to charge their devices; just angle the adapter to face both right and left.

The Tylt Y-Charge 2.1 sells for $24.99 while the 4.2 Amp model sells for $34.99. They’re both available in the same four vibrant colors. Unless you want to charge more than one tablet simultaneously, the 2.1A model will be more than efficient–you can charge two phones at full speed at the same time.

The Tylt Band is available in the same four vibrant colors. It sells for $39.99 from Shop.Tylt.com. There’s definitely a premium for their fabulous designs, but every Tylt product we’ve reviewed so far has been high quality.