Tylt SQRD Case for iPhone 5 Review

Not too long ago the company Tylt came out of the woodwork with some creative cables and cords. This year they’re releasing a whole lineup of really nifty iPhone 5 cases. The first we’re reviewing is the SQRD (pronounced ‘squared’), which awesomely morphs iPhone into a new form factor reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia or HTC 8X Windows Phones.

The SQRD is especially fun because it deviates from the normal iPhone case design; it transforms iPhone into some crazy new phone no one’s seen before. This case has a curved convex shell that slightly pushes outward in the center. It turns iPhone’s rounded corners into smoothed out square corners.

The case has a matte plastic finish with the exception of the stylish Tylt logo which is indented and glossy. The overall look is very clean. The SQRD has button overlays for the lock and volume buttons. There’s a nice large cutout on the bottom of the case for the ports, speaker, and mic. The cutout is large enough to dock/charge in my JBL Speaker Charging dock.

The SQRD is made of a flexible and rigid plasticky TPU material. It adds little bulk and thickness. It’s supposed to be shock resistant, which is very believable after looking at the reinforced corners. It feels nice in-hand and is also easy to get in and out of a pocket.

The SQRD iPhone 5 Case by Tylt is an all-around solid product. Not only does it provide nice protection in a durable body, but it morphs iPhone’s universal design into something newer and fresher. It’s even available in a few different colors; so far there’s red, blue, pink, purple, and probably the black sample model we reviewed. The SQRD case should also wear very well over time judging by the durable material. Unfortunately, SQRD case is not yet available (listed as out-of-stock). It’s listed for $29.99, which is a fair price.

The Good: Stylish, Comfortable, Protective, Durable, Button Overlays, Colors
The Bad: Out of stock

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