Your Leg Just Got Smarter with the Smartphone Valencia Jeggings

Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve. That’s no way to express yourself in the 21st century.

Wearing your smartphone on your pants? That’s more like it.

The form-fitting Smartphone Valencia Jeggings, from Alphyn, are made of cut-rate nylon and denim, and at first don’t look like much past an everyday pair of jeggings. That’s before you notice the zippered pocket on one of the legs, which is actually the WEARCOM pocket. Unzipping the pocket pulls away a flap of the nylon/denim to reveal a transparent 3” x 5” pocket made to carry a smartphone. You’ll be able to use the phone’s touchscreen through that transparent material, so you’ll be able to use your phone without fishing it out. Also, make sure you put it in upside down so you can actually use it when you sit down.

The pocket should be big enough for most smartphones today, although, from the measurements provided, it’s looking pretty dicey for Note owners. There’s also a form-fitting jacket with a similar pocket on a sleeve shown off in Alphyn’s promotional video, but the jeggings seemed to be the focal point when Alphyn made their presence felt at CES last week. We’ll have to keep watching out for that jacket. As for the jeggings, you’ll be able to order a pair of your own when they become available in March. No word yet on pricing.


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